spark charts available

Hi there, Against all odds, that the common is launch a new feature on Friday, it’s already Monday and we have a new feature launch. SPARK CHARTS   This tiny chart at right-top will consolidate the data collected in the current year, month and day. A small feature, but a…

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Design is how it works

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs With this great quote in mind we are working hard to design K1 to be an easy-of-use connected sensor. The main features are: WIFI connectivity Embedded infraRed sensor External sensor input from…

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processCLOUD becomes kartano

Since 2014 we have been developing and testing processCLOUD and now, we are ready to start a new journey on higher leagues. In 2017 Eduardo Hofmann, the mind and hands behind processCLOUD, joined a startup program on Founder Institute, to get support to develop and convert his idea into a…

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new feature release

Hi, For those who like to play with statistics, allows you to download momentum timestamps in Excel format. Select the chart period, then click in the generate Excel file button. You will be prompted to decide: download or open directly the file. This gives¬†you the possibility¬†to customize reports, charts…

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processCLOUD solution
processCLOUD plans

processCLOUD payback

Do you know how much cost one hour of your most important machine?   Most of the times, business owners don’t have any idea of how much one hour of the most important equipment cost. Let’s make this calculation easy, the right table demonstrate the hourly cost of an equipment…

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momentum is ready

The processCLOUD team proudly announce the launch of momentum! momentum is a Latin word that means the exact time when something occur. Our ready to use solution for data gathering called momentum is available for ordering from now, contact us to get price and conditions. With momentum you are able…

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