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Do you know how much cost one hour of your most important machine?

how much cost one hour of your machine?

Calculation table based on depreciation period and working period


Most of the times, business owners don’t have any idea of how much one hour of the most important equipment cost.

Let’s make this calculation easy, the right table demonstrate the hourly cost of an equipment that have an investment costs of $100,000.00 and to keep this machine running, with one operator, it’s costs $2,500.00 per month.

Considering an average of 5 years depreciation and two working shift. Every single hour cost $20.83!

A common problem on SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) is lack of information about productivity and stopped time of the bottleneck machines. Hours are lost and nobody notice until low productivity become a big problem.

processCLOUD is here to support SMEs measuring their productivity and found opportunities for improvement. Try it now, you can start using a community plan with manual input and then upgrade for a plan that fits your production volume.

processCLOUD team.

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